About us

Intellisight LLC is an IT company with concrete base at Winter Park, FL, USA having branch in Hyderabad, India ..This Company started initially as a Service provider for Healthcare industry where in Software Development and carrying out various MIS solutions was it's prime business. To serve clients with both Back office work and MIS/Software needs under one roof, Intellisight expanded its activities into India which has a distinct advantage of being a quality and price sensitive talent centre.
Intellisight realized the need to provide low cost, consistent and quality services for Medical Billing companies across the U.S who are plagued by high infrastructure costs, high-end technology requirements and high staff turnover. Intellisight diversified into IT Enabled Services with the objective of relieving billing agencies of the problems associated with labor intensive functions, thus allowing them to focus on strategic business activities, which will contribute to the growth of their business.
Intellisight LLC
is basically a promoted by techno savvy professional who have knowledge of Information Technology, Marketing, and vertical like healthcare.


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